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Doggie Tug-Of-War Toy With Treat - Dog Toys

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Is you dog bored, or causing mischief at home? Are you looking for something different to keep them occupied? How about a toy that also offers a potential treat?

Introducing, the Doggie Tug-Of-War Toy With Treat!

This toy will keep your dog busy while tugging against themselves, trying to get the treat inside.

This toy consists of a durable, natural BPA-Free TPR Material ball, environmentally friendly and safe. The sturdy, high-elasticity rope is made of high-density, durable material that will keep your dog tugging for their treat.

Applying pressure to the silicon suction cup will keep it firm, and offer significant resistance to your dog's pulling and yanking. The cord and suction cup are strong enough to withstand your dog's playfulness. The suction cup requires a smooth, flat surface, in order to be most effective, and should retain its suction strength for approximately 3 months.

Inside the rubber ball, you can place your dog's favorite treat. Then sit back and watch them tug, and tug, and tug... hoping to obtain their treat! If your dog can figure it out, the toy will act as a dispenser, giving them their treat. 







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