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Doggie Call Button - Voice Programmable Training Button

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Teach you dog to ask you for what they want! These amazing Doggie Call Buttons are self-recordable, and come in different colors, so that your dog can learn which button refers to which request that they have of you.

For example, you can program one button with your voice, saying "TREAT", and you dog can be taught to push this button when that is what they want. Other buttons could have recording such as, "FOOD", "BATHROOM", "BED TIME", "HOLD ME", "I LOVE YOU", or whatever else you would like the button to say. Then you can start teaching your furry friend by rewarding them with their particular request when they press each button.

Speech pathologist Christina Hunger says she is teaching her dog Stella to communicate through programmable buttons. Hunger was on CNN to detail her method, stating that anyone can do this.



The thought of teaching your dog to use the Doggie Call Button seems a little difficult, but is actually very simple and straightforward. In reality, dogs associate themselves to emotions and words. That's why it makes it easy to teach them, since they are already born with these traits.

The easiest way will be to have your dog associate certain buttons with things that are important to them (by using words that your dog has already associated themselves with and have an emotional connection with that word). 

You don’t have to be a dog trainer in order to begin building a new level of understanding. Doggie Call Buttons are a fun way to teach your dog how to communicate with you, and to ask you for what they want. You will be amazed with the results. By training your pet to use Doggie Call Buttons, they will be enabled to request from you exactly what they would like.


  1. Open the battery component by unscrewing the small screw on the bottom
  2. Insert 2 x AAA batteries and close
  3. Turn on button by moving the on/off switch on the bottom from the left to the  right
  4. Push and hold button until it beeps. Once it beeps, continue holding the button while you record what you want to program. Upon completing, release button. It should beep again.
  5. Your button is now programmed, and will play your recording when you press it again.


  • Made of ABS Plastic
  • Can¬†record and playback for¬†approximately 30 seconds, maximum
  • Size:¬†85 * 85 * 35mm (3.34x3.34x1.37 inches)
  • Small and lightweight, easy to use
  • Good for any size dog¬†



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