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Bite Resistant Teeth Cleaning Dog Toy - Dog Chewing Toys

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Designed to engage your dog’s five senses, Bite Resistant Teeth Cleaning Chewing Dog Toy provides fun and innovative ways for your pup to play. The Dog Toy is a durable rubber treat ball with a knobby texture to stimulate gums and promote dental health.  And for an even extra element of excitement, the "mouth" and tough rubber “teeth” located down the center of the toy are perfect for grabbing and dispensing treats! So, let the good times roll with this fun and interactive toy. Your pup is going to love it!

  • 【Upgraded dog toothbrush】 The newly developed tooth cleaning channel and the three-dimensional zigzag teeth grinding ensure more effective cleaning of the teeth of pets and an improvement in tooth grinding. The dog chewing toothbrush is suitable for large, medium and small dog breeds.
  • 【Fixed suction cup design】 The toothbrush can suck vertically and horizontally, giving pets a pulling resistance to play. Your cute dog will be mAore interested in the new dog toothbrush and will be happy to chew it. Let your dog brush its teeth instead of being forced to.
  • 【360-degree all-round cleaning】The top four sides of the dog toothbrush set have bristles. You can push the dog toothpaste up, and then the toothpaste will flow out of the environment, allowing pets to clean their teeth thoroughly.
  • 【Healthy and fresh】 The dog toothbrush can clean your dog's teeth during the bite process, which are soft enough to prevent damage to the dog's gums. It can help them brush their teeth and remove plaque and hard-to-reach tartar, tartar, etc. Let you enjoy a happy time with cute dogs.







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