About Us

DogLoversCenter.com is a specialty online shop offering a curated selection of quality products. We are an online dog accessories shop and are passionate about improving and beautifying lives - for ourselves, our team, our customers, and our beloved dogs.

We love dogs, and we believe they make us better people. We bring you unique, high-quality items and accessories that are crafted to blend seamlessly with your style.

Our website is committed to providing new products that become available, along with a range of online shopping accessories for your dog. Our main objective is to change the way people gather necessities for their four-legged friends. We are committed to providing affordable dog accessories online such as beds, boots, collars, harnesses, diapers, and a lot more.



In partnering with manufacturers in the US and beyond, dogLoversCenter.com is designed with cool-yet-classic modern, aesthetic online dog accessories, crafted with form and function in mind. 

We are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Our Philosophy:

Here at DogLoversCenter.com, we support all rescue dogs in the hope that they will have good homes. We are dog owners, we love dogs, we support those who own or love dogs, and we want to add a little fun and laughter to their lives.

We are personally committed to helping dogs in need. We strongly advocate the adoption of dogs or their going to reputable breeders who will love and care for them.



Our Mission:

Our Mission is to offer a curated collection of contemporary online dog accessories, with a focus on thoughtful design. This vision impacts everything we do for our customers, and how we can give back to our communities.

We realize the struggle to find other online dog stores that sell quality dog lover accessories while offering fast, friendly service. That is why we created DogLoversCenter.com. We have made it our mission to provide the following to our customers:

  • A range of the highest quality online dog accessories
  • Unique and innovative products that are not available in brick-and-mortar stores.
  • And of course… affordable prices!

Our Promise:

We promise to offer a top collection of online dog accessories that are safe, quality-proven, and creative, with consideration to our valuable four-legged friends. Our experts are here 24/7 to answer your questions, or to help you find the items that you are looking for.

Why Choose Us?

    Innovative and Affordable Products:

We are focused on finding unique products that you won’t find at your local store.

However, innovative products aren’t all: We strive to combine affordable prices with outstanding customer service.


We are passionate about improving lives - for ourselves, our team, our customers, and our dogs, so that every home may experience the joys of raising dogs as family.

Easy Support     Easy Support:

Our experts are here to answer questions and to help you find the items that you are looking for, while browsing our online dog store.

We also offer an easy, no-questions-asked Refund Policy.  Shopping online for your dog (or your dog lover) has never been easier!