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Impress Your Friends With Cute Hoodies from Dog Lover's Center

Finding cute hoodies can be complicated. You want it to feel comfortable and keep you warm, but you also want something that's fashionable and will tell the world a little about yourself. Our personalities have a great opportunity to shine through our clothing, and cool hoodies are one of the best pieces for doing that.

This unique hoodie features cartoon dogs playing hockey. The quirky design is great for showing off your dog loving side, as well as a love for sports. It's a colorful and cute design perfect for both men and women.

When to wear this hoodie

This hoodie is a light t-shirt fabric, which means it's not the one you want to reach for if it's snowy outside. These graphic hoodies are best for cooler weather where it might be too cold for a short-sleeved t-shirt, but you're not quite ready for a heavy thick hoodie yet.

This custom hoodie is ideal for going out with friends. The bright prints and comfortable design are what most of us expect in a great hoodie, and it will make an effective wind breaker as the evening cools down. It's the perfect fashion statement for a fall evening, and a cute conversation starter for anyone who sees it.

The Fabric

The material for these cute hoodies is 70% polyester, 27% cotton, and 3% elastane. The result is a plush, soft fabric that's comfortable against your skin. It also has an ultra-soft brushed fleece inside, which is as warm and snuggly against your skin is as your favorite four-footed friend when he comes to snuggle with you.

This light-weight fabric is also breathable, which makes this the perfect, cozy addition to your wardrobe. Fabric can be especially important if you have sensitive skin. This soft, plush hoodie is perfect for those who tend to chafe if the fabric is too stiff or uncomfortable.

The Fit

Of course, as cute and stylish as anything dog-print is, you won't wear it if there's something wrong with the fit or style. These graphic hoodies aren't just an adorable representation of hockey and your favorite dog, it's also a practical and comfortable fit.

The hoodie features a large central kangaroo pocket perfect for stashing your keys or warming your hands while you are out and about. The pull-over design is also warmer compared to zipper designs, which can release heat through the metal of the zipper.

Sizes are available from XS to 3XL, which means you're likely to find a hoodie that fits you no matter what your gender is. The unisex colors also make it appealing whether you are a man or a woman.

As an added benefit, it's also double-lined on the hood itself with the print on both sides. This means that it'll be that much warmer, and also that much cuter!

These unique hoodies are perfect for both the hockey lover in your life, and the dog lover. If you know someone who loves dogs or sports, this hoodie could be the perfect gift for them.

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